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HP - Katie McGrath as Bellatrix Black

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Marauder’s Era - Landon Liboiron as Remus Lupin

Tonight I will change, 
Change into what, 
What I hate the most. 
This sickness that takes, 
Over my mind, 
Kills me inside.

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true detective
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true detective


9/100 MALE CHARACTERS RUSTIN COHLE (true detective)
I’d consider myself a realist, alright? But in philosophical terms I’m what’s called a pessimist… I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself - we are creatures that should not exist by natural law… We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, that accretion of sensory experience and feelings, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everbody’s nobody… I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction - one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”

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true detective

someone once told me time is a flat circle" | inspiration.

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true detective

Imagery from the intro to HBO’s phenomenal new show True Detective.

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american hustle/extended scene.

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oscar 2014
jennifer lawrence

When the actress hit the stage to present the Best Actor award, she went off script, looking into the crowd, saying, “Why are you laughing? What, is this funny? I’m still watching you!”

It turns out, the actress was talking to fellow Oscar winner Jared Leto, who was in the audience laughing with his family.

“She said, ‘What are you laughing at?’ But what she didn’t know was that Ellen was on the side…making, pantomiming [motions like], ‘Don’t fall, don’t fall,’ and my mom and my brother are all cracking up,” he explained.

“I guess we don’t have any manners,” he joked. “You can take them out of Louisiana but you can’t take Louisiana out of them, right?”

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